Unicef UK

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Harnessing immersive storytelling to drive income, influence and action

Unicef UK raises funds to support Unicef’s vital work around the world keeping children safe from violence, disease, hunger and the chaos of war and disaster, as well as promoting the rights of children in the UK.

They wanted to rebuild their website to improve fundraising and increase the impact of campaigns and advocacy.


The new site takes a dramatically different approach to content, aiming to emotionally engage users through immersive storytelling techniques. A range of content from long-reads to short explainer videos are each devised with a particular audience in mind and lead naturally to calls to action which convert visitors into supporters.

This content strategy has given Unicef a new language to use within the organisation, encouraging them to create content that showcases the amazing stories, whilst becoming guardian’s of the brand.

Structure and navigation

Extensive audience and user research informed the development of the website: over 2,000 current and potential users were involved. This led to a site architecture which groups content logically according to user needs, and provides an intuitive navigation with just five main menu items.

Visual design

Bold typography and digital design helps editors creatively interweave images, text and video to tell heart-rending stories, communicate urgent information and invoke empathy. But the visual design also inspires hope and optimism, by leading the visitor to positive actions which help protect the rights of children everywhere.


The new site is reliable, handling disaster-related traffic spikes, which allows Unicef to focus on improvements and optimisation.

As well as integrating with third party platforms which make donating, campaigning and registering for events easy, the site is designed with an easy-to-use page builder which allows Unicef editors to devise and publish an almost unlimited variety of different content types. This gives them tremendous scope for developing the organisation’s core story, and making contextually relevant prompts for users to take action in support of vital campaigns.


Whether the user donates on a one-off or regular basis, becomes a legacy giver, registers for an event, joins a campaign, makes a purchase from the Unicef Market, or simply learns, from a variety of content types, about the vital work that Unicef does in 190 countries around the world, their visit is guaranteed to involve pleasing, intuitive interactions which speed them towards taking positive action.

Overall experience

Since launching in November 2016, site-wide conversion rates have more than doubled, and cash donations are also up 55% per visitor. Bounce rates been reduced by 40%, and the first five months have seen uplift in mobile conversion rate on content pages more than double when compared to last year.

And in December, online donations increased more than 100% compared to the previous year – setting a new record for Unicef UK as the biggest number of online donations ever.

Website URL: unicef.org.uk